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Mirantes Mototravel Brazil - Introduction

Why you should come and ride in Brazil...

Day 3 on the Estrada Real - Minas Gerais - BrazilBeaches, palm trees, carnaval, samba, soccer... these are words that spring to mind when most people hear the word "Brazil", but Brazil is so much more than that... Off the beaten (tourist)track, you will discover a different Brazil. An enormous diversity of natural, historical and cultural Beauty. Being the 5th largest country in the world, slightly larger than all of Europe, Brazil has a lot to explore for the adventurous motorcyclist. In fact, there is so much, that in two or even three weeks you will only get a small teaser of what the country has to offer. Numerous beautiful locations are yet to be discovered by mass tourism. Often these areas are quite remote and only accessable via unpaved roads, unfit for tourist buses. However, getting to these places on a motorcycle, is easy, and that is exactly what makes a motorcycle tour one of the best ways to discover a country like Brazil. 


Day 2 on the Estrada Real - Minas Gerais - Brazil

The first marker of the historical route, The Estrada Real, near Tiradentes - State of Minas Gerais.

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Day 3 on the Estrada Real - Minas Gerais - Brazil



10 days exploring the Estrada Real - A mix of history, culture and natural beauty

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The Chapada Diamantina - Bahia - Brazil



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Motorcycle travel in Brazil with Mirantes: What to expect?

During our motorcycle tours of Mirantes Mototravel you can expect to go to places that even few brazilians have ever visited (except for the locals) and the experience will forever change the way you see Brazil. Of course, no visit to Brazil is complete without seeing Rio de Janeiro, the "marvelous city" but most of all, you will be enjoying jaw-dropping motorcycle riding through aw-inspiring sceneries, meanwhile getting a taste of the history, the rich culture, the legendary friendliness and hospitality of the Brazilian people and the unmatched natural beauty of this diverse subtropical country.

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Raf_XT Mirante Guarapuava. Near Guarapuava, State of Paranã - South region of Brazil.



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