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Raf Kiss

Raf Kiss - Gen. Manager/ tour guide

Founder of Mirantes Moto Travel. Belgian motorcycle and outdoors enthusiast and living in Brazil since january 2009.


Back in Belgium, he had a rather unusual career, starting out as a sawmill worker at age 17, then one year of military service at 18, followed by six years of car body repair, to ultimately getting a degree in accounting and becoming financial manager and venture capital fund administrator.


At age 45, he felt that the time was ripe to realize two dreams that he had been nurturing for some time: 1. Move to a more exotic location and 2. turning his passion for motorcycles and outdoor activity into something he could do on a day-to-day basis.


In January 2009 he moved from Belgium to Brazil, dedicated to start a new life and a motorcycle travel company. Learning portuguese and completing a 10 month guide course were all part of the process, as well as driving tens of thousands of kilometers, exploring the Brazilian countryside.


Read more about Raf's adventures in Brazil in his blog: "Brazil Road Trips"




Maryel Valente

Maryel Valente: Support Car/ Mechanic

Maryel is Brazilian in heart and soul, born in São Paulo but raised in the countryside of São José do Turvo, not far from Volta Redonda. His father was an enthusiastic enduro rider and so Maryel grew up around motorcycles. He started riding dirt bikes at the age of 11 and grew up to be a local motocross champion, with his father still supporting him all the way. During his motocross career, he traveled extensively across different regions of Brazil and gathered hundreds of trophees.


Before he joined Mirantes Mototravel, he worked at the local Yamaha dealership, where he managed the workshop and the logistics.


His healthy and adventurous spirit, his many years of Motocross experience and his knowledge of motorcycles and the Brazilian roads, make him the perfect addition to the team.


Here is Maryel in action on his way to yet another victory...


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What We do:


Our goal is to offer you the ultimate motorcycle vacation. Touring Brazil's scenic coastlines, mountain ranges and countryside, visiting charming colonial towns and exotic beaches, you will get to know first hand, the rich culture, influenced by the Portuguese, Dutch and French colonization, African slave trade and European, Middle-Eastern and Japanese immigration.


We work hard to make every ride feel unique and personal. By limiting the groups to maximum 5 riders, we also ensure a personalized service and enhanced safety.


We will have succeeded if you to go home, in love with Brazil and with the feeling of having had the best ride ever.


Here is a map that shows some of the places our tours are taking us


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Where we are:


We are based in Volta Redonda, at approximately 120 Km from Rio de Janeiro (also known as "Cidade do Aço" or "City of Steel", referring to the fact that the city was built around the biggest steel mill in South America.)




Volta Redonda is located in the "Vale do Café". In the 19th century, 75% of the world's coffee was produced in this region. As a result of the abolition of slavery in Brazil in 1888, coffee production collapsed and many of the former coffee farms (fazendas) became cattle farms or were converted into museums or guesthouses (pousadas).


Located in a 50-100km radius around the city are a number of national parks, such as Itatiaia National Park, Brazil's first National Park, and the Serra da Mantiqueira to the west. To the south there is the Serra da Bocaina and the Costa Verde with the wonderful Ilha Grande, and to the East, a little north of the city of Rio de Janeiro, is the Serra dos Orgãos, and the historical Imperial city of Petropolis where the Imperial Family and the elite of Rio de Janeiro used to have their summer residences. This central location makes Volta Redonda an excellent starting point to explore the rest of Brazil.


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