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How to get there?

In case you prefer to organize your own transport from Rio de Janeiro airport to Volta Redonda, here are some pointers.


By Car (Rental cars) :

There are various car rental companies in Rio de Janeiro, and most of them have offices at Rio airport. One agency that has a very professional service is Movida Car Rental. You can make a reservation online. Movida is located near the international airport and has a shuttle service to take you to the pickup location.


Depending on traffic density, it is a +/-2 hour drive from the airport to Volta Redonda. Coming from Rio airport, you follow the "linha Vermelha" in the direction of Sao Paulo. The Linha Vermelha takes you to the BR116 (Also known as the "Dutra", after one of Brazils former presidents). Make sure you follow direction of São Paulo. After about 92 Km on the BR116, take the exit for Volta Redonda and follow the "Rodovia dos Metalurgicos" for about 10 km until arrival in Volta Redonda. Once you get off the BR116, reduce speed significantly and start looking out for speed bumps or "Quebra Molas" as they are commonly known. There are about 20 of them on the 10 Km stretch to the city. "Quebra Mola" literally means "suspension breaker", and unlike most speed bumps in other parts of the world, these things can do serious damage to your vehicle if taken at high speed. Best is to slow down to about 20-30 Km/h.



1. Keep an eye on speed limit signs... The maximum speed in Brazil is 110 km/h on highways. Close to agglomerations and areas with lots of curves, the speed limit is usually reduced to 80-90 km/h. In cities and villages, you can go no faster than 50 km/h.


2. WATCH OUT FOR CAMERAS!!! especially near Rio de Janeiro. There are lots of them on the Linha Vermelha and the Avenida Brasil and they work. Speed limit is 90Km/h on the Linha Vermelha and initially also on the BR116.


3. Drinking and driving is a very bad idea in Brazil, given the fact that there is a ZERO TOLERANCE. Even the smallest amount of alcohol in your blood will be enough to put you in jail and take away your drivers licence. So when you know you need to drive, don't drink alcohol during your trip (airplane, restaurant...)


By Bus:

From the airport, take a taxi to the "rodoviaria NOVO RIO". There you look for the ticket office of "Cidade do Aço". They have comfortable buses with airco directly to Volta Redonda.